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The Magic Castle is a performance venue, restaurant, and private club. A typical evening features magic and a variety of performances as well as a full-service dining room and several bars in a country-club atmosphere. The lobby of the Castle has no visible doors to the interior, and visitors must say a secret phrase to a sculpture of an owl to gain access, exposing the entrance to the club. Five magic performances are showcased each night, spread across three theaters: the Close-up Gallery, the Parlour of Prestidigitation, and a large stage in the Palace of Mystery. On weekends additional performances are added in the Peller Theatre as well as Hat and Hare Pub and W.C. Fields Bar. Informal performance areas near the five bars give magician members the space for impromptu magic for guests and other patrons. In the music room, a piano is played by invisible "Irma", the Castle's "resident ghost," who takes musical requests. In addition, there are regular Houdini séances at the castle in the Houdini Séance room.

Those under 21 years of age are not permitted during evening performances. However, on Saturdays and Sundays, the Castle hosts an "all-ages" brunch and performances which are open to members and their guests, including those under the age of 21. During brunch, the Castle's "Junior Members" (ranging in age from 13 to 20 years old) perform in the Close-up Gallery.

As a boy with a stuttering problem that caused a cloud of shyness that kept me in a shell of not feeling good about myself, I felt I wasn't like the other kids.With no self esteem, I watched a TV show called,Mark Wilson Wonderful World of Magic.

Each week Mark Wilson would show a new trick that I could learn. With each trick I learned, I felt that I could do something that the other kids couldn't do. For me it was truly MAGIC! As my shills improved so did my self esteem.

It wasn't long before I walked into Presto's Books and Magic ShopFrom those holy walls Presto the Prestidigitator carved from a young boy, sorcery with all the powers of a wizard. Powers of hocus-pocus, prestidigitation, sleight of hand, trickery and illusion. Larry Poss the sorcery with all the powers of a wizard. Powers of hocus-pocus, prestidigitation, sleight of hand, trickery, illusion witchery, witchcraft, voodoo, mysticism, back art, back magic, skulduggery, hanky panky conjurer, hoaxer, practical joker, prantester, curse, hexer, and just plain old jinx.. Larry the Sorcerer, the Magician, the Wizard, emerged! I discovered the power and prestige that comes from knowing what Magic can bring. The Magic of Larry G. Poss will give YOU and YOUR Company the benefit of bringing your company to Clients and Guests, not just during the trade show, but more important, later that evening while the Client thinks about just how your product got into the magic show. Maybe the Client is still trying to work that magic trick "with your company logo" that he received from your booth. (See him now, showing the trick with your company logo on it, to everyone he comes in contact with.) Available for:

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Larry the Sorcerer, the Magician, the Wizard, emerged!v I discovered the power and prestige that comes from knowing what Magic can bring. The power of Magic is all around us. It's in our daily lives, our work place, and our hearts.The power of Larry's magic has reached into many people's hearts and brightened many faces. From hospitals, nursing homes, the armed forces, schools, stages of Las Vegas casinos, and trade shows, to corporations and law-enforcement.
As owner of a magic shop "The Wizard's Den" located in Las Vegas' Flamingo Hilton Hotel/Casino, Larry was often sought out for his wisdom and knowledge of Magic, consulting and working with major Las Vegas acts. Not only on how to perform illusions, but how to make magic more enticing to the spectators. The Magic of magic in creating the idea or the feeling that you want the audience to walk away with! The show is only the first step of the magic. The second step is to cause them to remember you and still be thinking about your magic show days later. The second step is the power of the magic.
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